Lesson Fee 料金表

For Public
1 hour: $30.00 – Stretching, Zen breathing, posture and sword holding/swinging instructions > Exercise body core and lower body muscles, preventing aging, improving concentration and relaxation, strengthening the mind and body.

For Performing Artist
1 hour: $40.00 - Stretching, Zen breathing, body posture and sword holding/swinging instructions, practice for sword fighting> Use yoga while wielding a sword to control breathing. Training in the technique of “Self-movement” based on Zen breathing which enhances body core, lower body muscles, and concentration. You will also harmonize with another performance artist in “opponent-movement” where you will make a trust-relationship: improve acting and presence as an actor, balance movement in front of camera, and mutual confidence using sword skills instead of dialogue-driven conversation.

For Stunt Performer
1 hour $50.00 – Stretching, Zen breathing, instructions on how to use your body posture for sword holding/swinging, practice for sword fighting, movement, and stunt skills > Pursuing safety and realism. Learn expression methods while in front of the camera

Private Lesson
1 hour $100.00 – Training lessons based on needs such as stretching, Zen breathing, body posture, and sword grip/swinging instructions.

Special Course Lesson
1 hour $500.00 – In addition to the private lesson, you will dress in kimono and participate in a promotional swordplay video.

*Price is valid as of February, 2020

ストレッチ・禅呼吸法・身体の使い方・刀の握り方・素振り →体幹と下半身を鍛える・老化防止・集中力やリラクゼーションの向上・心身の強化

ストレッチ・禅呼吸法・身体の使い方・刀の握り方・素振り・殺陣の手付・実践 →刀を通した「ヨガ」を取り入れることで、呼吸そのものになり切る 感覚を研ぎ澄まし、体幹・下半身・集中力を強化する 禅の呼吸を基に"一人の型"の訓練をし、役者としての動きと呼吸の調和を図る "相手との型"を訓練する事で、互いに信頼関係を構築し、刀を通した台詞のない会話を行う 刀技術とカメラワークを学び、役者としての演技・存在感の向上

ストレッチ・禅呼吸法・身体の使い方・刀の握り方・素振り・殺陣の手付・実践・刀を通した所作・技術伝授 →安全かつリアルさを追求し、カメラワークを意識した表現方法を学ぶ



3月 2, 2020